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A guide to life's turning points. The most popular book of oracular wisdom in the world for centuries, the I Ching shows how understanding, prosperity, and peace of mind can be attained through humility, awareness, openness, balance, and perseverance.
"Beautifuly, fluent, and clear"...
"Tremendously helpful"


"What does the I Ching Teach Us?

"The I Ching takes a decidedly realistic view of the world. It doesn't mislead us into thinking that evil -- in ourselves, in others, in the world at large -- can be eliminated once and for all. It acknowledges that we all have in our characters both positive and negative elements, and it teaches us to be led by our superior qualities so that our thoughts and actions are free of inferior influences. It also teaches us how to respond to negative influences outside ourselves in order to avoid harm and maintain our well-being.

"The qualities that the Book of Changes counsels us to embody in our lives are modesty, awareness, acceptance, adaptability, compassion, restraint, innocence, perseverance, tolerance, reticence, devotion to inner truth, patience, openness, detachment, conscientiousness, balance, and inner independence. The qualities that the I Ching urges us to let go of are fear, anger, desire, arrogance, aggressiveness, anxiety, harshness, cunning, goal orientation, and self-indulgence. At this point these are merely words. It is only when we begin to follow the guidance of the I Ching that we begin to have an inkling of their true meaning."

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